Get your baby burp on!

We are super excited to share a sneak peek of our brand new Pretty in Gingham burp cloths which we will be featuring at the upcoming craft fair on Saturday July 11 (click here for more details)!  I initially came up with the idea for baby burp cloths when my grandson was born.  I thought it would be really fun for my daughter and her husband to have some customized burp cloths in the colors and designs of their choice (i.e. Star Wars prints for my Star Wars loving son-in-law) rather than the generic ones in the stores.  We have gotten so much use out of these burp cloths in the short amount of time that my grandson has been around and I am really looking forward to being able to include these as a regular Pretty in Gingham item!


Our Pretty in Gingham burp cloths are dual lined with a soft comfortable fabric on top which is gentle on baby’s skin and an absorbent terry cloth backing to ensure that anything and everything gets soaked into the burp cloth and not into your clothes!  Our burp cloths make great gifts (we have tucked them into baby shower gifts and have included them in a gift when visiting a family and their new bundle of joy for the first time) and can be special ordered based on the colors, prints or design of your choice.



Karen JPEG


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