Babies on the Brain

Hi everyone, daughter Kristy here!  So I’m commandeering the blog today to talk to you about babies.

My husband and I actually just got married in October 2013 although we had been together for years before the wedding and have actually lived together for a very big chunk of our relationship.  Even though we’ve been together for awhile now and feel like we’re pretty stable and established, we’re not quite ready to start a family just yet.

You’re probably thinking, “Where is this going?  I thought she said she wanted to talk about babies?!?”  (Bear with me, I’m getting to the baby part, I promise!)

We definitely do see kiddies in the very near future but there are a few things we would like to enjoy before we get there.  I’m sure this drives my parents nuts because I know they want grandbabies (and stat!) but they’re being really great about sitting back and letting us decide when the time is right.  So you see, the ones who actually have babies on the brain are my mom and dad!

Until a grandchild of her own comes along, my amazing mom has started creating aprons for children and youth and they are so ding dang stinking cute!  They are all fully lined with our signature gingham backing and two large front pockets but they’re mini size and that’s what I love most about them!  Everything mini is just automatically that much more precious.  Mini desserts, mini travel accessories, mini animals, you get my picture.

This particular apron is by far my favorite of all the adorable kiddie aprons my mom has made so far.  Pink and green are my two favorite colors and I’m also really loving the festive polka dot print.


This particular apron was made specifically for my mom’s grand niece (my cousin’s daughter) who will be turning 1  1/2 years old shortly.  Needless to say, the combination of her unabashedly adorable self sporting this unabashedly adorable apron is going to be almost too much for me to handle but I’ll try to control myself long enough to share some photos as soon as they are available.

Our Pretty in Gingham youth aprons are $12 each for regular fabrics (or $15 each for licensed fabrics and Aloha prints).  Please email us at with questions or more information about the specific patterns available.  We can also customize an order for you.  Wouldn’t these aprons be adorable on siblings or twins?  The possibilities are endless!


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