Stroller Organizer

Hi all, Happy Father’s Day Weekend!

My daughter needed a way to keep her stroller organized during a long day at a local amusement park so I came up with this stroller organizer that can be tied to the stroller handles or handle bar on any stroller.


The stroller organizer features 5 small pockets that are perfect for holding things like snacks, water bottles, hand sanitizer, wipes, sunblock, etc. and 1 large velcro pocket that is perfect for things like diapers or a change of clothes.

My daughter rotates between a few different strollers and this stroller organizer can be easily removed and tied onto something else in the blink of an eye.


The stroller organizer is also slim and low profile so it won’t get in the way when walking and won’t affect your grip when pushing the stroller.  There is also still plenty of room for stroller hooks or carabiners on the handle bar and the stroller organizer does not prevent you from having access to the bottom storage basket of the stroller.


My daughter said it held up great at the amusement park and allowed her to have a quick and easy way to organize all of my grandson’s things.  These stroller organizers are available by special order at and can be customized with the fabric color and pattern of your chose.

We hope you have a great weekend celebrating the special men in your life!

Karen JPEG


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