Brand new lunch tote bag

One of the items that we’ve been working on lately that we are super excited to introduce is our brand new lunch tote bag!


These super cute and functional insulated lunch tote bags come in two sizes (8x10x5 and 7x9x4) and are perfect for both adults and kids.  They feature a water resistant liner which can easily be wiped clean, a nylon web handle and velcro closure.

Our lunch tote bags are available by special order only and will not be featured at any of our upcoming craft fairs.  Our smaller lunch tote is currently priced at $7 plus tax and the larger tote is priced at $8 plus tax.  These totes would make a perfect back to school gift for students and teachers and are a fun and stylish way to carry your lunch and snacks to/from the office.

For those of you with babies and young kiddos, our lunch totes are also a great way transport bottles, milk, juice, food and other snacks while you’re on the go.

Please feel free to email us at with any questions or to place an order today!


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