Allie’s Corner

The immense amount of love we have for our pet pooch, Allie, is no secret.  She is one of the most treasured members of our family.


One of the things I enjoy most is sewing all kinds of things for her like doggy bandanas, dog collars and various sized bags for her toys and other items.  In honor of our pup and so many others who are dog lovers like us, we’ve decided to create a special line of Pretty in Gingham items called Allie’s Corner.

Allie’s Corner will consist of items made exclusively for dogs or with doggy inspired fabric.

We’ll be adding more loveably puppy items to Allie’s corner so check back soon for updates!  As always, doggy bandanas, dog collars, tote bags, aprons, dish towels, pot, pot holders and Kool Necks for your pup can be customized with the fabric, color and sizing of your choice.  Please feel free to email us at with any questions!  We look forward to continuing to share more Allie anecdotes and creations with you!

Karen JPEG


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