Puppy love and new Pretty in Gingham dog collars

Our rescue pup, Allie, has been in our lives for about 3.5 years now and we could not imagine our family without her.


Allie goes to a local doggy daycare called Paws Chateau a few times per week for socialization because she is an “only child” at home.  Allie absolutely loves her daycare and always hops out of the car with tail wagging and tongue hanging out knowing she is going to play to her heart’s content, and we love knowing that she is in good hands with staff who are both knowledgable and caring.

When the staff at Paws Chateau told us they were having an Open House and asked if we would like to feature some of our Pretty in Gingham items there, we jumped at the opportunity to share some of our doggy inspired items with other pups and their parents.


The best part of our day was meeting our two newest customers who are modeling our Pretty in Gingham dog collars.



And here’s our Allie wearing a Pretty in Gingham collar that was made especially for her:


Our dog collars can be customized to fit your pup and can be special ordered in a variety of colors/patterns.  Please feel free to email us at prettyingingham@gmail.com with any questions!



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