A place for placemats

I had a few girlfriends over for a casual lunch the other day and at the very last minute I found myself struggling to find a way to spruce up our kitchen table.  I didn’t have time to run out and grab fresh flowers and I couldn’t seem to find anything else lying around the house that would double as a fun centerpiece.  With just a few minutes left before the girls were set to arrive, I was ready to give up and leave the table plain and bare until I remembered the brand new placemats I had just started working on.

These placemats are a brand new Pretty in Gingham item and are a great way to add some festive color to a table.  They were the perfect addition to a perfect afternoon!


Our Pretty in Gingham placemats are fully lined with our signature matching gingham and can be custom ordered in the color or pattern of your choice.  Set the table with an adorable heart print for a fun and romantic Valentine’s Day or add a pop of color to an everyday meal with some of the fresh new colors that will be all the rage this spring.


Please feel free to email us at prettyingingham@gmail.com with any questions or custom order requests.  We can’t wait for these placemats to be part of all of your meals!

Karen JPEG


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