Kitchen time with kiddos

The holidays are especially fun and festive whenever there are kiddos around to celebrate with.  Christmas just seems to become that much more exciting and meaningful when there are little ones around to enjoy this special time of year with.

One of my favorite holiday activities to do with my kids when they were little was to bake some delicious Christmas cookies together.  The kids would have a blast helping me measure and decorate and would wait eagerly for a chance to sample the delicious product they had helped to make.  Even though the kitchen (and the kids) would look like a disaster zone when we were through, it was such a fun bonding experience.

When preparing to cook or bake with your kiddos (or grandkiddos or nieces and nephews) both this holiday season and the rest of the year, outfit them in one of our Pretty in Gingham aprons.  Not only will the kids be excited to dress up in an adorable apron just like yours, you’ll protect their clothes as well.  The kitchen may still end up a mess but their outfits definitely won’t!


Karen JPEG


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