Fall is in the air

Living in Southern California for all of my life, I’ve never really been exposed to four different distinct seasons the way those in other parts of the country are.  To Southern Californians, the only real difference between fall and summer is that the evenings cool down enough to open up the windows and let in a blast of cool, crisp air.  Even though we’ve had still had to turn the air conditioning on a few times in the past few weeks, the nights have cooled down dramatically and we’ve even taken to wearing light sweaters when taking our puppy out for a walk.  To us, that means that fall is definitely in the air!

And now that Halloween has come and gone, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and all of the yummy goodies that come along with this most indulgent of holidays.

This apron in particular reminds me a great deal of fall, Thanksgiving and the fun family time we have to look forward to during the holidays.  There’s  something about the color combination of warm golden orange paired with pops of bright crimson and calming olive green that brings to mind the beautiful color of leaves that are falling from trees around this time and warm, delicious comfort food shared with loved ones.


Hoping you are all enjoying this time of year as much as I am!


Karen JPEG



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