Keep cool with KoolNeck!

Because it’s been so stinking hot this year in Southern California and because sometimes it’s utterly unbearable and because we figured it would be better to do something about it than to sit here and complain, we decided to keep create our brand new KoolNeck product!


KoolNeck is a fun, fashionable way to stay cool no matter what it is you are up to!  All you have to do is soak the band in water to activate the safe, nontoxic polymer crystals then wear them around your head or neck.  As the moisture from the crystals evaporates, the KoolNeck band will reduce your body temperature leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  Keep a second KoolNeck in the fridge or an ice chest to swap out with the one you are wearing after it reaches body temperature.


KoolNeck uses:
– Reduces risk of heat or sunstroke
– Relief for headaches, migraines, fever, insect bites, sprains, swelling, minor sports injuries
– Great for yard work, gardening, hiking, fishing, concerts, camping, jogging, cycling, construction, exercise
– Can also be used on pets

Even Allie loves her KoolNeck!

We’ll be featuring our brand new KoolNeck at our upcoming craft fair in on Sunday November 2.  Get all the details here.  We would love to see you there!


Karen JPEG


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