Cherry blossoms

One of the things I simply HAD to see during my recent trip to Japan were the cherry blossoms.  Since we were traveling at the very end of April, I was worried we would miss cherry blossom season but we were fortunate enough to arrive toward the very tail end when there were still some cherry blossom trees in bloom in Kyoto.  Sakura have such a beautiful, vibrant pink color and I could spend hours gazing at them.  My crappy iPhone photos really do not do them justice!

This adorable pink fan fabric reminded me so much of my trip to Japan, not only because the color of the fans is similar to the color of the cherry blossoms but also because handheld folding fans are a very big part of Japanese culture and traditional Japanese dress.


We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make some aprons from this great fabric for our upcoming craft shows and of course we had to throw in some matching dish towels too!  I think this one is definitely one of my favorites!


Kristy JPEG


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