My old stomping grounds

I’ve been retired from a long career of teaching for a total of two school years now.  The dust has settled and the novelty of retirement has worn off but I have to say that I still absolutely loving each and every moment of it.  It has been such a blessing to spend my days being as productive or unproductive as I’d like to be without the stress of report cards, deadlines and testing looming over me.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to keep in touch with some of the amazing teachers I had the pleasure of working with and when they suggested a little lunchtime boutique in the lounge so I could share our Pretty in Gingham creations with my former colleagues, I jumped at an opportunity to visit old friends and visit my old stomping grounds.

I had such a great time catching up with everyone and hope to come back again soon!

Karen JPEG


2 thoughts on “My old stomping grounds

  1. What a lovely post – I’m a teacher (elementary music) and my mom is a retired teacher (intermediate music) so I always love seeing the direction my colleagues take with their retirements. Teachers have such varied interests, and are always coming up with a new project! I’ll bet your colleagues loved seeing your beautiful sewing.

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