Front yard makeover

I’ll be the first to admit that neither my husband nor I were born with a green thumb.  Though I’ve had visions of creating a beautiful front and backyard oasis, the thought of working in the yard, getting my hands dirty and possibly coming across an earthworm or two just does not excite me.  My husband shows some potential as he will mow the law, fix the sprinklers, trim bushes, etc but I’ve come to the conclusion that I am just absolutely hopeless.

I did TRY to pretty things up during Spring 2013 when I planted some cute little flowers in the backyard one Saturday afternoon only to realize the following Saturday afternoon that they were planted in a spot with no sprinkler access.  I was horrified to find that the poor little things had already departed to a lush garden heaven in the sky since they hadn’t received a drop of water that entire week.  Needless to say, I haven’t planted a thing since then.

So when my parents offered to give our sad little front yard a makeover, we glady accepted.  Our only two requests were for low maintenance plants (I’m still a a little traumatized from the flower debacle) and plants that would not cover the ground completely.  We didn’t want something that would need to constantly be pruned or trimmed or sheared or hacked or whatever the appropriate term is.  We also need to be able to have access to the ground to rake up the gajillions of leaves that are constantly falling off the large trees that surround our yard.

The end result is everything we hoped it would be and we absolutely love it!


The only thing left to do is add some mulch to give the ground a more finished look and we are set!




Thanks Mom and Dad for your labor of love!  Hopefully they’ll be up for working their magic on the backyard next year too!

A girl can only dream  =)


Kristy JPEG


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