Why we blog


When we started this blog back in the beginning of the year, we didn’t have any expectations whatsoever.  We never once harbored hopes that we would generate an income from the blog itself or that we would achieve any type of fame or recognition.  We started blogging simply as a way to share our Pretty in Gingham projects and creations with our family and friends.  However, we have been so fortunate to meet some new people and connect with some really talented and awesome folks along the way and for that, we are super appreciative.

We realize that we are still total newbs to this whole crazy blogging thing.  We don’t know HTML, we don’t use a fancy camera, we don’t format our photos so they can be pinned on Pinterest, and we don’t worry or stress ourselves out over trying to increase our readership.  Maybe we’re going about this all wrong but it seems to be working for us and we’re really proud of what we’ve created and shared thus far.

With Kristy now working two part time jobs that equal a full time job (instead of just working part time in general), it’s been a little bit harder for us to keep our posts consistent and meaningful but we’re plugging and chugging the best we can.  We are truly grateful to each and every one of you who spend your time with us and who have sent comments and emails.  We look forward to continuing to share our journey with you.


KarenKristy JPEG





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