Remedy for tight shoes

Hi friends, I recently stumbled upon an awesome little life hack that I am super excited to share with you today.

I purchased a pair of camel colored ballet flats a few months ago that fit well in the store but I brought them home and didn’t actually pull them out of my closet again until today.  After trying them on, I realized that they were too snug and pinched in all the wrong places after just a few minutes of wear.  I knew for certain that they my poor toes wouldn’t last an entire work day in the shoes.

After a bit of good ole googling, I came across this fantastic trick for stretching out shoes from Jordan Reid at Ramshackle Glam.  Jordan’s method calls for blasting the shoes with heat to make the leather pliable while wearing a few pairs of really thick socks to help stretch the shoes out while the leather is warm.  It took two rounds of this process but the end result is amazing!  My shoes are now considerably looser and much more comfy.  I was able to stretch out a few of the spots that pinched the most and now even have a little bit of wiggle room to spare.

I only wish I had taken some before and after pictures to share with you but you can check out plenty of photos on Jordan’s website.

Jordan’s trick has completely changed my life.  That may sound dramatic, but it’s true!  I have a tendency to err on the side of small when faced with a dilemma about whether to go up a size and risk ending up with shoes that slip off or go down a size and have shoes that are a bit too tight.  I’ve gotten rid of plenty of shoes before that I love but that are just too snug and aren’t comfortable and I’m so excited to know that there’s a quick and easy fix to that problem.

If you ever find yourself faced with a too tight shoe dilemma, I hope this works for you as well as it did for me!


Kristy JPEG



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