Floral fun

I’ve always enjoyed fresh flowers.  They instantly put me in a better mood and they always seem to brighten up a room, regardless of what type or color they are.  In another life, I would love to own a sweet little flower shop where I can spend my time making pretty little arrangements and bouquets.  In the meantime, I content myself with making little flower arrangements for my family on special occasions.

Mother’s Day just happens to be one of those occasions.  There’s a small wholesale flower business not too far from home that I have been frequenting the past few years.  They tend to have reasonable prices and a pretty decent variety of flowers.  Here’s the loot I came back with this year:


I had initially purchased a bunch of adorable small clay pots but ended up going with good ole Mason jars for the smaller arrangements since I felt like the clay pots detracted from the vibrant colors of the daisies.  And since we’re talking about daisies, can I just say how much I absolutely love them?  Tulips are my all time favorite flower but daisies are so versatile because they come in so many different colors.  Plus they are much more hearty than tulips which are so delicate and roses which bruise so easily.


Kristy JPEG


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