Bringing out the big guns for spring cleaning

It’s that time of year again.  Time to dust out the cobwebs, shake out the rugs, wipe down the cabinets and make sure everything is squeaky clean and sparkling.

While we do enjoy living in a clean, orderly and organized home, we do not exactly enjoy doing the deep cleaning.  It’s tedious and when the sun is shining and the birds are singing outside, it’s really hard to stay inside and get all of that cleaning done.  So we try to look for anything we can do to make the job easier and faster.  The sooner we get done, the sooner we can get back to being outside enjoying all that gorgeous spring sunshine.

When it’s time for spring cleaning, we bring out the big guns.  And those big guns usually always involve vinegar.  We’re sure you’ve seen countless blogs, Pinterest pins and articles about the many wonderful ways vinegar can be used in the home.  From cleaning window tracks to getting hard water stains off the tray of the water machine/ice maker on the fridge to being mixed with Dawn soap to clean the shower.  The list seems endless.  And the best thing about it is that using vinegar allows you to bypass some of the harsh chemicals that are in other household cleaners.  And it’s cheap!


The other big gun we ALWAYS bring out when doing any kind of deep cleaning is to throw on one of our Pretty in Gingham aprons.  And there are many reasons for this.  The first is that the two large pockets on the front are perfect for storing some of the many handy items in our cleaning arsenal.  From toothbrushes to clean grout to a spray bottle filled with vinegar to extra towels for a speedy cleanup.  You name it, we stick it in those pockets.  Another reason why we love these aprons for cleaning is because they protect our clothing so we don’t end up with a soaking wet shirt after leaning over the kitchen sink to clean the ledge behind it.  Plus (and this is probably one of our favorite reasons) the fabrics that our aprons are made of are just so darn cheerful that they instantly put us in a better mood and help us get a little “whistle while you work” attitude going on.

So while you’re getting prepared to begin your spring cleaning this year, don’t forget to throw on an apron before you get to work.  Happy cleaning friends!

Karen and KristyJPG


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