Weekday walks

The rain is gone and it’s been a beautiful 70+  degrees in sunny Southern California and way too gorgeous to spend indoors.  We’re big fans of long, rambling walks through our respective neighborhoods because no matter how well we think we know the area, we always seem to stumble upon new eye catching details that we had not noticed before.  Gorgeous greenery, bright colors, peaceful patches of shade.  Taking a minute to smell the roses (both literally and figuratively), helps us to slow down and be mindful of all of our blessings.

Isn’t this view incredibly peaceful?  It makes us want to grab a blanket and curl up for a nap.


And these cheerful yellow blossoms (anyone know what they are?) just screamed, “Spring is coming!  Spring is coming!”


This empty dirt patch of land is usually home to a whole host of produce which is harvested and donated to a local food bank.  It is usually filled with beautiful green leafy veggies and fruit trees.  We can’t wait to see what it looks like after the new crop has started to grow!


What kind of beauty have you come across on your walks?


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