Like Mother, Like Daughter

There is something so indescribably special about the bond between a mother and a daughter.  We speak from experience!  The relationship between a mother and daughter is something that cannot be replicated.  She is your closest confidante, fearless protector and biggest cheerleader.  She wipes the tears from your eyes, laughs at your corny jokes and will give you the last bite of her dessert.  In short, she is your best friend.

A daughter starts to look up to her mother at a very young age.  Daughters admire their mother, love her and want to be just like her.  Daughters play dress up in her clothes and jewelry in an attempt to look as gorgeous and sophisticated as she does.  They copy the things she says to try to sound as smart and insightful as she is.  They love to be anywhere and doing anything she is, and that includes the kitchen.  As a child, which one of us didn’t love “helping” our moms out in the kitchen?  And a shout out to all of the patient mothers who spent an infinite amount of time cleaning up after our messes, slaving over our meals and creatively finding ways to let us contribute somehow without completely ruining whatever was being cooked!

We’ve created our special matching mother-daughter aprons to help you celebrate and cherish the special time spent together whether it’s in the kitchen, the garden, cleaning the house, giving the dog a bath or sharing an ice cream cone.  These apron sets make perfect gifts for special occasions like Mother’s Day and baby showers or even just because.  Email us at with questions or order information.  We look forward to helping you honor the special mothers and/or daughters in your life!



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