For the love of cupcakes

We admit it, we can’t get enough of cupcakes.  Lovers, addicts, fanatics, devotees.  There’s no two ways around it.  As Billie, Ella, Etta, Nina, Dinah and countless other jazz songstresses have lamented, “We’ve got it bad, and that ain’t good.”

There’s something about a delectable moist cupcake topped with a swirl of decadent frosting that is so beautiful it has been known to bring grown women (that would be us) to our knees.  Chocolate, vanilla, lemon, red velvet, pumpkin, peanut butter, nutella, strawberry.  You name it, we love them all equally.  Here’s one thing about us: we don’t discriminate when it comes to cupcakes.  Or cookies.  Or cake.  But we’ll save that all for another day.  We’re here today to talk about cupcakes and cupcakes only.


Now that we’ve bared our souls and have shouted our love for cupcakes from the blogging mountain tops, you can understand why we became completely smitten with the idea of cupcake aprons!  These aprons make great gifts, not only for the cupcake loving gals in your life but for yourself as well and to tell you the truth, they make us happy simply looking at them.  If we’re being completely honest, we’re both trying to scale back and watch our figures a little bit after an over indulgent holiday season so what better way to pay homage to cupcakes without actually packing on those sneaky little pounds that seem to go hand in hand with a love of sweets?




Our dog Allie has even gotten into the cupcake spirit with this adorable cupcake collar:

IMG_0219 allie

We also think our cupcake aprons are especially sweet on little ones and can be ordered for either toddlers (sizes 0-4) or youth (sizes 5 and up).  Click here to check out one of the sweetest little girls modeling one of our youth cupcake aprons.  Isn’t she adorable?

Our aprons are all fully lined with our signature gingham and feature two large front pockets and adjustable neck and back straps.  Adult sizes are $17 and toddler/youth sizes are $12.  Please email us with any questions!  We look forward to helping you indulge your love of cupcakes!


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