Aprons for Doggy Daycare

First off, we wanted to warn you that this is another post about our dog Allie.  We know we write about her a lot but she is so special to us that it’s hard not to share the many different ways that she has touched our lives.

And besides, she’s just so darn cute!


Since moving about 40 minutes south to our current home, we have had to find a new doggy daycare for Allie since she benefits from the socialization and we like having a safe place to take her when we have obligations that require us to be away from home for long periods of time.  We searched all different kinds of resources in order to find a daycare where Allie would feel comfortable and where she would be treated in a loving, caring way.  We scoured the internet, read Yelp reviews and questioned local dog owners in our community.  We finally came upon Uptown Paw and this doggy daycare has truly been a saving grace on so many levels.  The owners and staff are fantastic and radiate this amazing love for dogs.  They are patient, consistent, caring and knowledgable.  Through Uptown Paw, we were also connected to Allie’s current trainer who has made such a marvelous impact on her fear aggression and anxiety.  We feel truly blessed to have stumbled upon this little slice of doggy heaven.

To let the owners at Uptown Paw know how much we appreciate everything they have done for Allie (and us!), we decided to send them each an apron in one of our adorable puppy paw prints.  Not only are these different paw print fabrics adorable, but we think the aprons themselves would be extremely useful for them in their day to day work.  The two large apron pockets would be great for storing grooming supplies or doggy treats or to quickly stash an item if they need to have both hands available when training or attending to one of the dogs.






We always have a collection of different puppy inspired fabrics on hand.  Adult puppy aprons are currently priced at $17 each and toddler/youth puppy aprons are currently priced at $12 each.  Please feel free to email us at prettyingingham@gmail.com if you would like to take one of our puppy aprons home with you.


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