What we’ve been up to this week

Hi friends, we hope you’re having a great week so far.  Mama Karen has been working away on a large custom order of Aloha aprons which will include this beautiful hot pink plumeria pattern.  With the days starting to get slightly longer, we love the way this bright colorful design reminds us of all the glorious spring and summer days that are just around the corner.


While Karen has been an extra busy bee, Kristy has been somewhat immobilized by a big flare-up of tendonitis in her middle finger causing her to have difficulty typing or doing much of anything.  Of all the fingers on that hand, we find it hilarious that tendonitis chose to rear its ugly head in the middle finger.  As a coworker laughingly told her earlier this week, it’s probably due to overuse.  Those of you who know Kristy will probably agree.

On top of that, our poor dog Allie has been officially put on bed rest (doctor’s orders) to rule out the possible cause of pain in her right paw that has been making her yelp and limp after running or playing.  We’re hoping that the week of rest will be the cure and that it’s not something more serious but in the meantime, we feel horrible that the poor thing has to stay cooped up in the house when we know that all she wants to do is be her usual active self.  It might be all in our head but we swear she looks extra sad lately.


Anyway, with all of that going on, we’re going to take a short break for the remainder of the week but will be back next week with an update.  Thanks for visiting!


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