House Divided

So there’s a little USC vs UCLA basketball game coming up on 2/8/14.  We know it’s not as exciting as football for most collegiate sports fans but in our family, we take advantage of any opportunity we can get to engage in a little USC/UCLA rivalry since Mama Karen is a Bruin and Kristy is a Trojan.  Neither of us follow sports very closely and while it feels sacrilegious to admit this, most of the time we don’t even watch the games BUT you know for certain that the winner never misses an opportunity to rub in her victory after all is said and done.

We dug up some of these old photos from one of Kristy’s scrapbooks.  They’re probably at least 6-7 years old but they capture the fun we have representing our respective alma maters.  The top photo was taken at the Sports Arena (before the days of the beautiful Galen Center) when our family went to go see a USC/UCLA basketball game.  We actually have no clue who ended up winning that day (selective memory?) but we do remember having a lot of fun together as a family.

Scan 2

Our licensed USC/UCLA aprons are perfect for any Trojan or Bruin.  In fact, Mama Karen has her own UCLA apron and Kristy has her own USC apron.  It’s a perfect way to represent and support your team/school both on game day or everyday.  These aprons are $22 each, fully lined, feature our signature gingham backing and have two large front pockets that are perfect for hiding sneaky player stats so you can whip out some cutthroat comebacks to the opposing team (or you can just hide a candy bar in there the way we do so you can nosh on some chocolate while you’re pretending to pay attention).  Either that or the pockets are perfect for hiding your hands so you don’t end up pulling your hair out while you’re watching the game.  In fact, we’ve both been known to sit around the house together in these aprons just to be obnoxious to one another.  That’s how we roll in our family.


Whether you’re siding with Mama Karen and her Bruins or Kristy and her Trojans, we would love to help you make these aprons part of your game day tradition!  Please email us at with questions or order information.


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