An Unexpected Use for an Apron

Hi friends, daughter Kristy here.

Is it just me or does it seem like EVERYONE has been sick lately?  The bug that’s been going around finally caught up to me towards the end of last week and then traveled on to my poor husband over the weekend.  We spent a few horrendous days in our pajamas in bed surrounded by tissue, cold medicine, water and cough drop wrappers.   It was easy to keep our arsenal of medicine, tissue, etc close by on our nightstands because we weren’t really leaving our bedroom for any length of time.  Everything was easily within arms reach.

As I started to feel a little bit better, I was able to get up and motor around the house a little bit but started to get irritated by having to keep going back and forth from room to room to collect all of my “cold supplies” whenever I needed something.  I would take some Tylenol Cold in the kitchen with breakfast but when the time came for my next dose, I might find myself upstairs in bed ready for a nap and would need to get up and go all the way downstairs to get it.  Or I might be on the couch resting and find that I left my tissue in the other room.  I needed a way to keep everything close by so I wouldn’t need to keep wasting so much energy running all over the house trying to figure out where I last left something.

Out of sheer desperation, I decided to put on my favorite apron (that was made by my awesome mom of course!) and stuff the pockets with everything I had been running around looking for.  It worked out perfectly!  Even when I found myself just lounging in bed, it was nice to know that everything I needed was right there in my trusty apron pockets.

Here’s a little picture of my handy dandy apron and all of the fun things I stuffed into the pockets at one point or another over the past few days:


Just another way our Pretty in Gingham aprons can be put to use both inside and outside of the kitchen!  For those of you who may still be under the weather, I hope you are feeling better very soon!  In the meantime, why not whip out an apron to help you keep your cold arsenal supplies right where you can always find them?


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