Puppy Love

About 2.5 years ago, our family adopted Allie from a local shelter and she has quickly become one of the biggest joys in our life. We love the way she gets so excited to see us when we get home, the slobbery kisses she gives, how she would play ball all day if we let her and how cute she looks when we go out for walks. Even though we have had to modify our daily routines quite a bit to account for her anxiety and fear aggression, we honestly could not imagine our lives without Allie and we would do just about anything to make sure she remains a happy, healthy and well adjusted member of our family.


Because of our love for our baby girl, we find ourselves gravitating toward anything with puppy paw prints because they remind us so much of Allie. When we saw these adorable puppy related fabrics, we snatched them up as quickly as we could. Not only do they make great aprons for dog lovers like ourselves, but we also make sure to squeeze in a cute bandana (or necklace as we like to call them) for Allie as well.  Check out the cute pink Aloha print bandana she is wearing complete with a shell and kukui nut lei in the photo above.  We’ve nicknamed that picture “Aloha Dog.”



Take a peek at our puppy inspired aprons.  Each apron is fully lined, features two large pockets and has adjustable ties at the neck and back.  We think they’re absolutely perfect for all the people who are as crazy about their pup as we are about ours!




And don’t think we’ve forgotten about our feline loving friends!  We also have an adorable apron for those of you who are kitty crazy.


We’re also in the process of working on some toddler and child sized aprons and we can gladly whip a matching one up for your little one.


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