Like Mother, Like Daughter II

We may be biased but we love anything created especially for mothers and daughters!  After receiving a really great response to  some of our previous sets of mother-daughter aprons (you can read more about our very first set here), we decided to create a brand new set for our upcoming craft show.


We love how bright and happy this fabric is and since we loved the pattern so much, we decided to make some adorable matching dish towels too!


Our Mother-Daughter apron sets make great gifts for Christmas for the moms, grandmas, daughters and granddaughters in your family.  If you’re in the Southern California area, stop by the Autumn Moon Festival on October 4 and 5 to get a head start on your Holiday shopping!

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Cherry blossoms

One of the things I simply HAD to see during my recent trip to Japan were the cherry blossoms.  Since we were traveling at the very end of April, I was worried we would miss cherry blossom season but we were fortunate enough to arrive toward the very tail end when there were still some cherry blossom trees in bloom in Kyoto.  Sakura have such a beautiful, vibrant pink color and I could spend hours gazing at them.  My crappy iPhone photos really do not do them justice!

This adorable pink fan fabric reminded me so much of my trip to Japan, not only because the color of the fans is similar to the color of the cherry blossoms but also because handheld folding fans are a very big part of Japanese culture and traditional Japanese dress.


We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make some aprons from this great fabric for our upcoming craft shows and of course we had to throw in some matching dish towels too!  I think this one is definitely one of my favorites!


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Beach inspirations

We are a family that absolutely loves the beach.  We love the feel of the sand between our toes, the warm breeze on our faces, the heat of the sun on our shoulders and the hypnotic ebb and flow of the waves.


It seemed fitting that a gorgeous coastal scene would be the inspiration for one of our new apron/dish towel sets.  We love how the calming colors in this fabric are so reminiscent of a lovely day spent at the beach.





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Celebrating September

It’s hard to believe it’s already September!  Where has the year gone?

We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful long holiday weekend with your loved ones!  We spent the weekend bbqing, swimming, relaxing and spending time with our doggie Allie.  We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!



We also created some brand new aprons with little boys in mind.  We can’t get enough of these adorable fabrics!!


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Dog days of summer

The dog days of summer have been upon us lately in Southern California so I’ve been hiding out in the air conditioned house sewing away to my little heart’s content in preparation for our upcoming fall craft shows.  Get more details about the October craft show here!  The beautiful warm summer days have been flying by and I know fall will be upon us in no time!

I recently found this adorable blue print speckled with sweet little flowers with a lime green center.  Not only do I love the color combination, but I also love how cheerful it is.


After putting together some aprons and matching dish towels, I couldn’t help but throw in a matching cover for one of Allie’s comfy cushions.  We put this particular cushion near the desk where she likes to relax and keep us company while we are working on the computer.  By the look on her face, I think she likes this fabric just as much as I do!



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The Donut Song

The end of summer and start of a new school year always invoke a wave of nostalgia even though my days as a student are long, long, long gone. When I think back to some of my favorite childhood summers, many of them involve attending a local day camp that my brother and I went to for many years.  Those of you who have attended camp in the past or who have children who attend camp know that music and singing are almost always involved in some shape or form.

While researching donut fabrics with my mom to create some brand new donut inspired aprons, we came upon the most delightful children’s camp song called “The Donut Song.”  I only wish I had learned this song during all of my childhood summer camp years!  I think it is absolutely adorable!

The Donut Song

Well I walked around the corner and I walked around the block
And I walked right into a donut shop.
Well I scooped up a donut right out of the grease
And handed the lady a five cent piece.
Well she looked at the donut and she looked at me
And she said, “This nickel is no good you see. 
There’s a hole in the middle I can see right through.”
And I said, “There’s a hole in your donut too!”
Thanks for the donut, so long!

In honor of the donut song and our love for all things fried, gooey and delicious, we are super excited to present our brand new donut inspired apron!



Our Pretty in Gingham aprons are fully lined and backed with our signature gingham.  This particular apron features adorable hot pink gingham and two large front pockets with adjustable neck and back ties.

And if you are in the Southern California area, you must check out our absolute favorite donut shop: The Donut Man.  Try the fresh strawberry and peach donuts when in season!  You won’t be sorry!


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